Research Paper

Research Paper

Your paper may be about any topic of your choice. However, you must run it by me before you begin.

Your paper must be at least 5 pages long but no more than 10. The font must be 12 Arial. Margins will be of normal size; 1" around on all sides.

You must use information from various sources. At least one from each of the following: book, encyclopedia, internet.

Your paper will be written in MLA format. There are many sources online. The following link will give you examples of how to cite authors in a text along with examples for Bibliography.

                                                  MLA Works Cited

                                                  In Text Citation Guidelines

Step 1:
Choose a topic that is broad enough to be interesting but narrow enough to be manageable. (3/4)

Step 2:
Find your sources. Start with three or four, check their bibliographies for additional sources, and repeat the process until you have enough material to work with. (3/13)

Step 3:
Reserve one index card for each source. Record the bibliographic information for the source on its index card, and number each card for ease of future reference.(3/20)

Step 4:
Take reading notes on index cards, writing down only the material that is most relevant to your project. Write the source number on each card. (3/20)

Step 5:
Organize your index cards by topic and subtopic. (3/23)

Step 6:
Use the cards as a basis for an outline.(3/25)

Step 7:
Write an introduction that grabs the reader and plots out the trajectory of your argument. (3/27)

Step 8:
Write the body of the paper, following the structure you created in your outline. Be sure to cite sources. (4/3)

Step 9:
Write the conclusion, reviewing how you've made your points. (4/10)

Step 10:
Come up with a title after you've written the paper, not before: You don't want the content of the paper to be hamstrung by an inappropriate title. (Spring Break)

Step 11:
Read your paper at least twice to be sure your argument makes sense and is presented logically. (Spring Break) Peer editing!!(4/15)

Step 12:
Proofread carefully; teachers hate typographical errors. Use your word processor's spelling checker, but don't rely on it utterly. (4/17)

Don't leave such a difficult task to the last minute. Start early, and work gradually!!!

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